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RealityShowChick Is Now The Bitchlorette (dot com)

April 25, 2012

Dear readers,

Why should pop stars and basketball players be the only ones who can change their names? Regular folks like me should be able to as well! So, I’m gonna do it.

So long Reality Show Chick… hello The Bitchlorette!

I’m switching up my website, too. No longer will I live at this site — you can find me now at!


Pretty right? (Full disclosure: I’m not really a bitch. It’s just so darn catchy! And The Nicelorette didn’t have the same ring.)

I hope you’ll join me – my new site is WAY BETTER than this one. It’s easier to navigate, prettier to look at, and along with posting hard hitting reality show news stories, my reality show casting tips, tricks, advice and secret insider info are going to be amped up big time on

So… are ya in or are ya out?! (Please say IN!!)